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Ministry reveals reasons behind deteriorating internet services in Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunication has revealed reasons behind a deterioration in internet services across Iraq, pointing out that a disconnection at the main undersea cables due to civil works in a neighboring country.

The General Company for Communications and Informatics, according to sources, said maintenance has started at the undersea cable center that connects Iraq and Iran to Armenia and Europe.

Some internet capacity were transferred to compensate for the disconnected cables.

The ministry has coordinated with its partner companies to transfer 60 percent of the disconnected capacities as well as extra capacities from alternative ports to compensate for the shortage caused by the Iranian side.

In a statement, the ministry affirmed that 100 percent of the service has been rewired and that services will gradually improve over the coming hours.

On Monday, the ministry clarified that Iraq had been classified as having one of the worst internet services in the world because of the lack of infrastructure, which was destroyed at the hands of terrorist groups over recent years.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 12 June 2019 11:42 AM