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Hezbollah launders millions of dollars through drug network: study

Hezbollah Flag - Flickr - upyernoz
A study conducted in Israel in cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies has shown that Hezbollah has a complex network of drug trafficking, used in money laundry operations.

This money, according to the study, is soon used for arming and paying the salaries of members of the Lebanese Shiite organization, Israel's Maco reported.

According to the Maco, the drug trafficking and money laundering routes of Hezbollah were revealed hours after British leaks about finding a terrorist network formed by Hezbollah in London and sponsored by Iran.

The study said that a Libyan citizen who is relative to Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of the group, is working as a car dealer for Hezbollah. It added that he buys used cars, spare parts and jewelry and sends them to Lebanon where they are sold.

After the sale, the money is handed over to drug dealers in South America, according to the study, and Hezbollah can eventually earn $200 million per month from money laundry.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 12 June 2019 01:54 AM