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Fact-finding committee reveals new information on Mosul downfall


The fact finding committee on Mosul downfall has revealed new information on the fifth anniversary of the incidents, saying political pressures prevented following some officials who were involved in what happened.

In remarks, MP Hanin Qaddo, member of the committee, said “Mosul downfall issue was put on the shelf without holding officials in charge of those provinces accountable due to political pressures on the committee.”

He highlighted the importance of discussing the issue by a judicial authority and holding reluctant officials accountable without exceptions.

Qaddo added that the committee reached facts and reasons for the downfall of Nineveh. Some of those reasons were political, others were sectarian as well as the poor management by the local government.

He also blamed the security leaders who did not deliver the actual situation in the province.

Meanwhile, MP Walid al-Sahlani, from Fatah Alliance, said parliament should play its role in the issue of Mosul downfall and bring whoever involved in the incidents to judiciary. He also called on the judiciary to hold whoever involved accountable.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 11 June 2019 02:13 PM