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Allawi calls for comprehensive investigation on Mosul downfall


Iyad Allawi, chief of Al-Wataniya Alliance, has called for a comprehensive investigation on the downfall of Mosul.

“The consequences of the extremists escape from prisons resulted in ISIS occupying one third of Iraq,” Allawi said on Twitter. “Unfortunately, we hadn’t mulled yet the reasons that lead to our current situation.”

“As we commemorate the downfall of Mosul, I urge conducting a comprehensive investigation and a real patriotic discussion to tackle the reasons for what happened and draw a comprehensive patriotic roadmap for all Iraqis to resolve what happened away from policies of marginalization.”

The solution, according to Allawi, “was, still and will be a pure local Iraqi one.” He added that foreign solutions failed and contributed to deepening the local conflicts.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 11 June 2019 01:09 PM