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Saairun MP urges uncovering parties obstructing gov't formation

mahdi pmo
Adil Abd al-Mahdi - Courtesy of the Prime Minister of Iraq
Saairun Alliance Sattar al-Etabi called on Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to introduce the candidates for the vacant ministerial portfolios before the parliament, away from the pressures the political parties exert.

Etabi also urged uncovering the names of the parties which obstruct the completion of the government formation.

"Some parties are still pressuring the prime minister to pass rejected figures in a hidden way away from the media," Etabi said, calling on the political blocs to assume responsibility and finish the file of the government formation before the end of the second legislative term.

The delay in the government formation "threatens the state and the government as a whole, disrupts the interests of citizens and directly affects the security and victories achieved on ISIS's terrorism," he continued.

He also urged all the political blocs to cooperate to help implement the the government program set by the prime minister.
Last Modified: Monday، 10 June 2019 04:32 AM