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Iraqi PM to resign if blocs do not cooperate: Araji

Abd Al-Mahdi - Prime Minister of Iraq's official website
Adil Abd Al-Mahdi
Former Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji said on Sunday that the Iraqi Premier will submit his resignation in case the blocs obstructed the political process.

Araji said that Adil Abd al-Mahdi "does not want to bear the consequences of the others' mistakes, and he is not among those who cling to the post."

"The political partners did not give him full freedom to start the construction process and correct the mistakes of the [past] because of the quota [system] and acquisition," Araji said.

"If the blocs do not cooperate with him (Abd al-Mahdi) to complete the cabinet and introduce professional candidates … he will start to introduce candidates himself," Araji added.
Last Modified: Sunday، 09 June 2019 08:53 PM