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Iran unveils homebuilt air defense missile system to destroy stealth targets

Tehran’s military displayed a brand-new indigenous air defense missile system, capable of tracking and shooting down six targets at the same time. The weapon was rolled out amid growing tensions around the Arabian Gulf.
Iran unveiled its new domestically-designed air defense missile system Khordad 15 on Sunday. Equipped with long-range Sayyad 3 missiles, it can shoot down enemy jets and combat drones at a range of 120 kilometers, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said.
The complex can also track “stealth targets,” intercepting them 45km away. Overall, the weapon can destroy six targets simultaneously, according to military officials.

The new air defense system was rolled out amid growing tensions with Washington. The US deployed an aircraft carrier strike group to the Arabian Gulf last month, and announced plans to send extra troops to Iraq, which borders with Iran. Officials in Tehran, meanwhile, renewed their vows to retaliate against US forces in the region if attacked.