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Daily updates: Iraqi intelligence say Baghdadi hiding West of Neniveh

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Iraq supports efforts to regain Middle East stability: PM

Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has said Iraq stands behind any efforts to regain stability in the Middle East, especially amid the rising tensions between Iran and Washington.

The Prime Minister’s remarks came during his meeting with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his delegation in Baghdad.

Abdul-Mahdi stressed that Iraq supports any effort serving the stability of the region and the world, and that it collaborates with EU countries in this regard.

“We have been sending delegations and messages to Tehran, Washington and Europe for this purpose,” he added.

The German Foreign Minister also expressed his country's deep concern towards the regional situation and Germany's great interest in its stability.

Maas arrived in Baghdad yesterday on an official visit to meet with Iraqi top officials to discuss bilateral relations and regional issues.

Iraqi intelligence say Baghdadi hiding West of Neniveh


Chief of Iraqi General Military Intelligence Directorate Saad Mazhar al-Alaq said on Sunday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi might be hiding West of Neniveh province.

In press remarks, al-Alaq said Baghdadi’s latest appearance was in an apartment that got its walls covered by white sheets to make it untraceable 

Al-Alaq clarified that the lighting in the video forage refer that Baghdadi and his companions were not sitting in a tent.

He also added that Baghdad appeared in the video with an AK-47 behind his back, as did late al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

He further pointed out that the men who appeared in the video with Baghdadi wore types of shemaghs, a traditional Middle Eastern headdress, that are worn in East Syria and West Iraq.

Moreover, Al-Alaq recommended that Baghdad wore winter clothes during the shooting, which indicates that the weather was cold during shooting, which according to him, he might be hiding in an area between Sinjar and Tal Afar.

36 explosive remnants of ISIS detonated in Ramadi


As many as 36 explosive devices, part of ISIS terrorist group's remains in Ramadi, have been detonated, the Iraqi police announced on Saturday.

In his statements, Brigadier General Omar Khamis from the Anbar police said the bombs have been detonated in west of the city.

Saairun demands PM to expedite naming ministers for vacant ministries: MP

Iraq's Saairun Alliance has called on Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi to expedite submitting candidates for security ministries in order to face the growing threats of ISIS.

In press remarks, MP Badr al-Ziyadi, from the alliance, said, “The security issue in Iraq suffers violations. We noticed some activities by ISIS in several regions. The militants carried out attacks against security troops, last of which was in north of Baghdad.”

Ziyadi went on saying that “the escalation, even if limited, delivers warnings to all the political forces regarding the necessity to name ministers.”

He also blamed the political blocs, which insist on their choices, of hampering the work of some ministries.

ISIS militant killed, another arrested in Diyala, Anbar

An ISIS insurgent was killed in Diyala while another was apprehended in Anbar province, a security source said.

In remarks, the source said security forces clashed with the extremists on the outskirts of Mandali town in Balad Ruz district, Diyala. One police officer was wounded during the confrontations before the militant was killed.

In related news, the troops managed to arrest an ISIS member during a military operation in Anbar, the Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate said.

In a statement, the department said the militant was arrested in al-Karma district, in Anbar.

The militant, according to the statement, was involved in collecting money from farmers for ISIS.

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Police run into ISIS hideout in Kirkuk


Iraqi troops have raided a location used by ISIS dormant cells in the province of Kirkuk, the Federal Police said.

In an official statement on Saturday, the police said troops, covered by Iraqi aircrafts, were engaged in the operation, during which dried food, military outfits, telecommunication devices were seized.

Several materials, which could be used to develop bombs, were also confiscated, the statement added.

In late 2017, the Iraqi government declared final victory over ISIS, however, sporadic attacks are still carried out by the remaining ISIS militants.

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