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Iran thanks Qatar for stance toward Makkah summit


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has thanked Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad for his government stance taken during the Arab and Gulf summits that were hosted in Makkah by Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz.

This came as Qatar abstained from supporting the statement by the Gulf summit, in which observers said a stance taken after Iran's orders.

During a phone call made on Wednesday between the two leaders, Rouhani said “the Qatari stances made during the two summits are based on the good-neigborly policy seeking the reduction of tensions. No doubt that any summit that do not approach between the countries of the region will not be fruitful but damaging.”

He went on saying that “the government and people of Iran stand aside to Qatar. We believe that the pressure, threats, besiege and economic sanctions are the wrong path between countries.”

Meanwhile, the Qatari emir said Tehran and Doha stances toward many regional issues are very close.

Emir Tamim also expressed appreciation toward Tehran stances over the blockade imposed on the country, saying Doha will not forget Tehran stance in this regard. He also expressed hopes for developing ties with Iran in all fields.

On Sunday, Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdul-Rahman said during an interview that Qatar had reservations on the two statements issued on Thursday by the two urgent Arab and Gulf summits, saying they were “prepared without consulting the participating countries as that some of the terms included do no conform to the Qatari foreign policy.”

He went on saying that the two statement “mainly focused on the escalation against Iran, in light of absence of depending on dialogue with neighboring country.”

Each of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain slammed the stances of Qatar as well as Iraq, which also had reservations on the statement.

According to the statement, the Gulf countries highlighted refusal against Iran’s terrorist practices and targeting oil establishments in Saudi Arabia as well as Emirati ships in addition to funding militias in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Last Modified: Thursday، 06 June 2019 12:01 PM