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There is ‘always a chance’ of US military action against Iran, Trump says

US President Donald Trump said he was prepared to talk to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani but that there was always a chance of U.S. military action against Iran.
“So Iran is a place that was extremely hostile when I first came into office,” Trump told British television station ITV.
“They were a terrorist nation number one in the world at that time and probably maybe are today.”
When asked if he thought he would need to take military action, he said: “There’s always a chance. Do I want to? No. I’d rather not. But there’s always a chance.”
When asked if he was prepared to talk to Rouhani: Trump replied, “Yeah of course. I would much rather talk.”
On Tuesday, Trump warned that Iran’s potential acquisition of nuclear weapons, and that of any other rogue country, was a paramount concern to his administration.
“Among the pressing threats facing our nations is the development and spread of nuclear weapons – perhaps that’s our biggest threat,” Trump said during a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May following a meeting at her residence.
“The United States and the United Kingdom are determined to ensure that Iran never develops nuclear weapons and stops supporting and engaging in terrorism,” he stressed, before adding: “And I believe that will happen.”
Speaking alongside Trump in London, May said the two nations differed on how to limit the threat from Iran.
The U.K. still supports the 2015 international agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, but Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the deal.
“The U.K. continues to stand by the [Iran] nuclear deal. It is clear that we both want to reach the same goal,” May said.