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German Intelligence Reveals Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions Continue Unabated

The latest build-up of US forces in the Gulf region are set against new and shocking evidence emerges from German intelligence sources that Iran is continuing to pursue its goal to develop a viable nuclear weapons capability. The intelligence service of Baden- Württemberg has announced that the Iranian regime has been making concerted efforts to acquire expertise and technology which would facilitate the building of a fully operational nuclear arsenal.  
A document produced by the German intelligence agency states that in 2017 ‘Iran continued to undertake, as did Pakistan and Syria, efforts to obtain goods and know-how to be used for the development of weapons of mass destruction and to optimize corresponding missile-delivery systems.’
The document sheds light on the fact that Iran has never given up its relentless ambitions to develop WMD, even when bound by the terms of the now increasingly moribund ‘Iran Nuclear Deal.’ The report claims that ‘Iran has continued unchanged the pursuit of its ambitious program to acquire technology for its rocket and missile-delivery program.’ Significantly this was borne out by last year’s testing of the mid-range Chorramschahr rocket.
At the moment Iran’s armoury of cruise and other long range missiles are worrying enough.  These weapons are perfectly able to hit targets as far as Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Italy.
Moreover, the Military Times reports that Iran has already disseminated its older weapons across the Middle East. The article explains that ‘Ater the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the Arab Spring in 2011, Iran began exporting its missile capabilities to various groups, marrying its older export of Islamic revolution to militant groups, with its strategy of missile defense.’ In short it is hard to know who exactly has their hands on these weapons, but Benham Ben Talebu, senior fellow at FDD focussed on Iranian security issues writes  ‘These things basically solidify the proxy strategy for Iran.’
Yet the true nightmare is if the unpredictable and expansionist Mullah Regime managed to put a WMD warhead on one of its missiles. The threat of nuclear blackmail is a terrifying thought for many and one of the signal reasons for the robust actions of President Trump over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, through back channels and by illegal flouting of international law Iran has been pursuing this very aim. The Jerusalem Post says of the German intelligence document ‘Iran’s regime seeks German software, sophisticated vacuum and control-engineering technologies, measurement devices and advanced electrical equipment for its rocket program.’
It is worth remembering that Germany, the source of the latest revelation, remains a key trade partner to Iran and has been resistant to US demands that it turn its back on the Mullah Regime.
As this story was breaking the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell announced that ‘We know the Iranian regime is on the hunt for money to fund their malign activities and so it is imperative that the U.S. and our European allies work together to deny this regime the capital they seek. They will use secretive schemes and dark money; we must be vigilant.’
These barbed comment might prove uncomfortable reading for the German government but they are not half as troubling as the assessment by its own intelligence statement which goes on to say ‘In order to obtain the necessary know-how and corresponding components, these states [Iran, North Korea, Pakistan] are trying to establish business contacts to companies in highly technological countries like Germany.’
Successive German governments have proved very reluctant to turn away from the preference for dialogue with Iran. It is the German manner of international relations. However, Germany remains a key ally of the US. The government in Berlin must weigh up the latest evidence regarding Iran’s criminal efforts to exploit its cautious engagement with Tehran.
The prospect of the medieval Mullah Regime furnished with nuclear missiles should be enough to chill the blood of the whole world.