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Revealed: 12 MPs to be sacked from parliament soon

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It has been nine months since a lawsuit has been filed to replace 12 parliament members with another MPs, due to an alleged error in calculating the women's quota.

After the Independent High Electoral Commission announced the final results of the vote on May 12, a number of candidates who failed to be elected, called on the Federal Supreme Court to intervene to replace some members with the losing candidates.

During the last few months, the court consulted its expert who affirmed the presence of an error in calculating the women's quota inside the parliament.

In this regard, Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi asked to host the head and members of the Federal Court to clarify the replacement process.

Member of the parliament's legal committee Yahya Mohammadi stressed that the parliament is not tasked with replacing and changing the parliament members, adding that only the Federal Court is responsible for it.

On the other hand, Reform Alliance MP Ali al-Bedairy blamed the Electoral Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council for the mistake.

Many legal and political activists have blamed the Electoral Commission for the mistake in calculating and distributing seats of women's quota, asserting that this violation will create a major political problem for the parliament.

Former head of the Electoral Commission Sarbast Mustafa said that these violations took place particularly in the constituencies of Nineveh, Dhi Qar and Anbar, noting that quotas of the blocs were not equal.

For his part, Abdul Amir al-Dabbi, a member of Sadikun parliamentary bloc said that the decisions of the Federal Court concerning the replacement of the MPs represent an "administrative and judicial chaos."

"The replacement decisions of the Federal Court for a number of MPs after a full year since the beginning of the sessions is not okay and is strange," said Dabbi, noting that "all the MPs present currently in the parliament came after Federal Court approved [them] by names."

Furthermore, Adel al-Lami, an expert of the Federal Court said that the result of hearing the appeals made by a number of candidates who lost in the previous elections, reveals the lack of eligibility of 12 MPs in the parliament.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 04 June 2019 01:33 AM