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KDP member calls for returning Peshmerga forces to Kirkuk

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Kurdistan Democratic Party member Sobhi al-Mandalawi highlighted the dangerous situation of Kirkuk, adding that the recent bombings and violations in Kirkuk were an expected result after removing the Peshmerga forces.

Terrorist bombings took place in Kirkuk on Thursday reportedly killing six people and injuring many others.

The removal of the Peshmerga forces from Kirkuk has created enough space and freedom for ISIS terrorist gangs and extremist organizations to roam, Mandawali said.

"We have continuous demands for the return of the Peshmerga to Kirkuk in order to contribute to handling the security file and preserving the safety of its people from terrorist attacks," he said, adding that ISIS still poses a threat at the outskirts of Kirkuk.

Empty spaces

Secretary General of the Kurdish Peshmerga Ministry, Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawar said in May that the empty areas between the army and the Peshmerga forces pose a danger to the region.

Yawar said that ISIS elements' movements have increased in several areas, including Diyala, Hamrin, the outskirts of Tuz khurmato, Kefri and areas south of Kirkuk.

Some statistics revealed that ISIS has carried out 456 terrorist operations in 2018 in these areas, causing the death of 1742 people from the Iraqi security forces and civilians, Yawar said. During the first four months of 2019, ISIS carried out 100 terrorist operations, killing 407 people, he added.

The reason for the emergence of ISIS in these areas is the federal forces' failure to control them, or the presence of empty areas that are not controlled by neither the army nor the Peshmerga, reaching 40 kilometers.

K1 Base

Kirkuk Provincial Council's Mohamed Khadir denied in February claims that American forces have escorted some Peshmerga elements to the US K1 base in preparation to redeploy the latter in the province.

Khadir said that the American forces have been present at this base for a long time.

"Any attempt to restore the control of the Peshmerga in Kirkuk would not succeed after security forces have re-imposed security," he stated.
Last Modified: Monday، 03 June 2019 10:24 PM