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MP condemns lax security in Basra, 'conspiracy' against police

Iraqi federal police personnel - US Central Command
Basra parliament member Uday Awad warned of the lax security in the province, saying that there is a "conspiracy" against the Basra police, and that some people question their capabilities in preserving security.

"We have warned more than once of the unjust decisions against the employees of the Basra province police," Awad said, adding that "Basra has seen during the past two days several security violations, making the Basran citizen fearing the return of tensions."

The conspiracy against the Basra police includes questioning their loyalty and their ability to preserve security, Awad added.

A number of anonymous armed men raided the office of the Islamic Dawa Party led by former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki in Basra, one day after a similar attack on the Iraqi Communist Party office, security sources confirmed on Monday.
Last Modified: Monday، 03 June 2019 07:48 PM