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Soldiers raping child, mother in Mosul draw fierce condemnation in Iraq


Facebook users - especially Iraqis - have voiced their denouncement to the heinous crime in which a child and his mother were raped in Mosul by members of the army. The perpetrators broadcasted a video of the incident via live streaming.

The citizens demanded the execution of the perpetrators in public, before the people of Mosul, and also demanded the removal of security forces from the city to be replaced with other forces formed from the dwellers of Nineveh.

They stressed that raping a child and his mother is a crime that is not less outrageous than ISIS terrorist crimes. Many users called for placing rape in the category of terrorism crimes in the Iraqi law.

The security media cell announced on Friday that the Directorate of Military Intelligence arrested those who have harmed the reputation of the Iraqi army through a clip on social media, following the directives of the Chief of Staff of the Army.

The Iraqi High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned the rape crime committed by the soldiers in the Iraqi army in Mosul.

A statement signed by Anas Akram, a member of the IHCHR, referred to the video on social media showing these soldiers while they are "proud" of the mass rape they committed against a woman at a checkpoint in the city of Mosul.

Despite the announcement of the Ministry of Defense of taking legal measures against them, the Commission is still concerned about cases of impunity, the statement said, calling on the Iraqi judiciary to hold violators accountable in accordance with the provisions of the military law in force.

As part of the stance of the commission supporting the country's security forces and the victories of the Iraqi army on terrorism and its efforts to liberate the Iraqi cities from terrorism, the IHCHR emphasizes that the protection of human rights in the post-conflict stage is very important and has a positive impact in bridging trust between citizens and security services, the statement read.

Such violations and individual practices may negatively affect and destabilize the relationship between citizens and security forces in the liberated areas, the statement added.

Last Modified: Sunday، 02 June 2019 09:00 PM