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Gargash: The region is fed up with Iranian bullying


“We are on the brink of a sensitive regional phase which is the outcome of Iranian policies in the region, wisdom is needed and firmness is a must, Riyadh remodeled the Gulf, Arab and to some point the Islamic world’s stance on the issue through three successful summits, assuring its vital role after gathering the Gulf and Arabs’ momentum,” said Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash on Saturday through his official Twitter account.

Gargash said that the region has a golden opportunity based on a unified political stance of the three summits, a stance that combines wisdom with firmness, to end the tension engulfing the region due to the Iranian interventions in the Arab world. 

Gargash added that the Saudi kingdom’s policies eclipse the negative role of certain states in the region, which is a positive step.

“The region does not want war but it is fed up with the Iranian bullying,” read another Gargash’s tweet.