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Daily updates: France ‘outsourcing’ ISIS trials to Iraq


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Iraqi President attendance at Arab League summit 'unconstitutional'

Legal expert Tarek Harb said Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi should have attended the Arab League summit that took place in Saudi Arabia this week instead of President Barham Salih.

At the end of the summit, the 22-member organization issued a statement that called for taking action against Iran, accusing it of using armed proxies in the region. However, Salih’s statement disagreed with the rest.

Harb further stressed that Salih’s attendance at the summit is deemed unconstitutional according to articles no. 78 and 80 of the Iraqi constitution that say the Prime Minister should be involved with political matters.

Salih expressed concern that the condemnation of Iran and the consequent increase in tensions could lead to war and the further destabilization of the region. He stressed Iran’s security must not be threatened.

Tehran faces accusations that it orchestrated attacks this month on an oil installation in Saudi Arabia, and tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates through its armed proxies.

Iraqi officials have been trying to build bridges and offering to mediate between Iran and the US.

Yazidi women sue German ministers, blaming them for failing to prosecute ISIS

IMIS prevents new Kirkuk University president from assuming office

The Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) has violated the Iraqi constitution by opposing a decision by the Minister of Higher Education to sack the president of Kirkuk University.

Parliament’s legal committee member Bahar Mahmoud criticized any interference by the IMIS into the Iraqi internal affairs and official decisions.

Mahmoud further called upon the Iraqi President and the Prime Minister to step in and resolve the situation by preventing any body from interfering in Iraq’s sovereignty.

The IMIS has prevented the new appointed president, namely Sabah Ahmed Ismael, for assuming his office after the decision to appoint him.

France ‘outsourcing’ ISIS trials to Iraq

Human Rights Watch on Friday condemned France’s “outsourcing” of trials of ISIS group suspects to “abusive justice systems,” after seven of its nationals have this week been sentenced to death in Iraq.

Two of them have “alleged that they were tortured or coerced to confess,” the New York-based watchdog said in a statement.

“France and other countries should not be outsourcing management of their terrorism suspects to abusive justice systems,” said HRW’s acting Middle East director, Lama Fakih.

“These countries should not be sitting idly by while their citizens are transferred to a country where their right to a fair trial and protection from torture are undermined.”

A Baghdad court sentenced a Frenchman to death on Wednesday for joining ISIS, bringing to seven the number of French militants on death row in Iraq. Yassine Sakkam’s sentence came despite France reiterating its opposition to capital punishment this week.

In January, a group of 11 French citizens and one Tunisian was handed over to Iraqi authorities by a US-backed force which expelled the militant group from its last bastion in Syria.

Around 1,000 suspected foreign ISIS militants are held in detention by this Kurdish force and Iraq has offered to put them on trial in exchange for millions of dollars, potentially solving a legal conundrum for Western governments.

Trump's 'not wanting war with Iran' remarks positive step: Iraqi FM


Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Hakim welcomed recent statements by US President Donald Trump that the United States does not want a war with Iran.

Hakim stressed that Iraq considers Trump's recent statements "important and accurate and a step in the right direction to calm the situation in the region."

"The stance of Iraq is clear and direct toward the current crisis between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran: It is the pacification and the avoidance of war in our region," a statement by the Iraqi minister said.

Also, Iraqi President Barham Salih said that the regional and international crisis with Iran can turn into a war if we do not manage it properly and expressed the hope that Iran's security will not be targeted and asked the summit to support stability in Iraq.

Iran is a "Muslim and neighboring country to Iraq and Arabs. Certainly, we do not hope that its security become targeted as we (Iraq and Iran) are linked with 1,400 km of borders and various bonds and relationships," Salih stated.

"Sure, the security and stability of a Muslim neighboring country is part of the requirements and interests of the Arab and Muslim countries," he added.

Tensions between Iran and the US have continued to escalate, after a new video showed a secret underground missile base in Iran developing terrifying weapons.

Fears for Iraqi-Gulf ties after rejecting allying against Tehran

Barzani urges Iraqi gov't to find terrorists behind Kirkuk's bombings


Former President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani has condemned terrorist bombings that took place in Kirkuk on Thursday, reportedly killing six people and injuring many others.

Barzani also called on the federal government to find the perpetrators of the attack "as soon as possible."

"It is so sad to hear that a number of civilians were martyred and injured in a series of terrorist chain bombings in Kirkuk city on Thursday night.

Besides condemning these terrorist activities, I also extend my condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist incident and I wish the wounded a quick recovery," a statement issued by Barzani read.

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