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Fears for Iraqi-Gulf ties after rejecting allying against Tehran

Salih Arab League

Iraq's objection to the final communiqué of the Makkah emergency summit, which condemned Iran's behavior in the region, raises many questions about the future of Gulf-Iraqi relations, especially in light of current tensions, Sputnik Arabic reported.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi said that "Iraq will not be part of the policy of alignments, convictions and accusations," hoping that the coming Arab and Islamic conferences "will come out with a calm speech that serves the stability of the region that has suffered the scourge of wars and destruction."

Some think that such remarks could affect the future of the Gulf-Iraqi relations, especially concerning the efforts of the reconstruction in Iraq.

Achieving balance

Parliament member Hamad al-Rikabi told Sputnik that Iraq is keen to balance relations with Arab countries and the neighboring states, adding that the Iraqi government has confirmed more than once that it will not be part of the policy of alignment.

The political blocs and the government and all groups in Iraq distance themselves from aligning with some parties against others, but it seeks to resolve the current crisis to prevent any tension that can result in a war, Rikabi said,

In case a war breaks out, it will endanger all countries in the region and will have serious consequences for the people and economic conditions in the region, he added.

The MP also expressed the hope that Arab support for Iraq would continue, especially since it had fought for long periods in its war against terrorist organizations, which led to the destruction of many cities.

He stressed that Iraq's balanced stance only means that it seeks reconciliation and peace in the region.

Barham Salih's speech

Iraqi President Barham Salih said on Thursday that the regional and international crisis with Iran can turn into a war if we do not manage it properly and expressed the hope that Iran's security will not be targeted and asked the summit to support stability in Iraq.Iran is a "Muslim and neighboring country to Iraq and Arabs. Certainly, we do not hope that its security become targeted as we (Iraq and Iran) are linked with 1,400 km of borders and various bonds and relationships," Salih stated.

"Sure, the security and stability of a Muslim neighboring country is part of the requirements and interests of the Arab and Muslim countries," he added.

Tensions between Iran and the US have continued to escalate, after a new video showed a secret underground missile base in Iran developing terrifying weapons.

Last Modified: Saturday، 01 June 2019 12:14 PM