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Video: 2 Iraqi soldiers arrested after raping kid, his mother

Video: 2 Iraqi soldiers arrested after raping kid, his mother

Two Iraqi soldiers had raped a kid and his mother while they were trying to cross a checkpoint n the right side of Mosul city in Iraq, sources revealed on Friday.


An Iraqi soldier documented the case and posted it on Facebook while he is talking about how he is raping a kid inside a military vehicle while his mother appears outside the vehicle.


Another soldier also appears in the video while he is cursing and is talking with his fellows about raping the boy and his mother.



The Baghdad Post muted the sound in the video due to inappropriate sexual language spoken by the soldier.


Lieutenant-General Othman al-Ghanmi, the Iraqi Army's Chief of Staff, ordered to detain the two soldiers and launch an investigation into the case.


Nineveh security forces arrested the two soldiers over raping a five-year-old boy.


All legal measures were taken against them, security authorities said in a press release.


Iraqi army, along with Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) which is supported by Mullah's regime, is known to misuse its power, commit thousands of violations against civilians especially Sunnis since 2003. 

Last Modified: Friday، 31 May 2019 07:17 PM