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Turkey condemns terror attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk

Daily updates: UK sends troops to Iraq to capture ISIS leader Baghdadi

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UK sends troops to Iraq to capture ISIS leader Baghdadi


The UK has deployed special forces to Iraq for a "kill or capture" against top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a report revealed on Thursday.

According to a report by The Mirror, around 30 British Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) troops as well as Special Boat Service troopers have been dispatched to Iraq, cooperating with the US Special Forces there.

“Al-Baghdadi is a very important figurehead for ISIS and getting him is a very high priority,” a former intelligence officer was cited as saying. “His leadership of ISIS has been punctuated with some of the vilest acts of violence against human beings by terrorists. It would be good to capture him, but this may be unlikely given some of the areas he is thought to be hiding as they are almost no-go areas for western troops.”

The forces are said to use RAF drones and Hellfire missiles in the operation.

Turkey condemns terror attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk


Turkey on Friday condemned terrorist attacks carried out in Iraq’s Kirkuk, which killed one and injured seven others.

"We have received the news with sorrow that there were casualties and injuries due to terrorist attacks perpetrated in Kirkuk yesterday (30 May)," Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said in a written statement.

On Thursday, at least four people were killed and 15 others injured in bomb attacks in northern Iraq.

Six bomb attacks occurred in various districts of Kirkuk while two others were prevented.

"We strongly condemn these heinous terror attacks that target the culture of peaceful coexistence among different ethnic and religious communities," the ministry said, conveying condolences to the "friendly and brotherly people of Iraq."

It also expressed sorrow for the people who lost their lives and hoped for a speedy recovery for the injured.

"We fully believe that such heinous attacks cannot undermine the will of the people of Kirkuk towards living together in peace, harmony and security and contributing to Iraq’s prosperity and tranquility," it added.

Iraq opposes final statement from Arab leaders' emergency meeting


Iraq opposed on Friday a final statement released by Arab countries that were gathered for an emergency meeting in Saudi Arabia, which condemned Iran's "interference" in other countries' affairs, Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in a speech broadcast live on television.

The statement also said Saudi Arabia has all the rights to defend its territory following drone strikes launched by Yemen's Houthi group against two oil pumping stations in the kingdom earlier this month. 

Gov't blamed for delay in passing law to remove foreign troops: MP

The parliamentary security and defense committee blamed the government of Adil Abd al-Mahdi for the delay in passing a bill to remove US forces from Iraq.

MP Basr al-Zayadi said that the delay in passing the legislation removing the US troops from Iraq takes place due to the government's negligence of the questions posed by some parliament members concerning the nature of the foreign troops' presence in Iraq.

In April, MP  Fadel al-Fatlawi of the Fatah Alliance said the parliament will hold a hearing session for the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to get information about the foreign troops inside Iraq.

According to Fatlawi, the parliament wants to know about the number offoreign troops inside the Iraqi territory and the nature of their work.

"All the political blocs agreed on one vision: the need to remove foreign forces from Iraq and preserve national sovereignty, but we must know the number of foreign forces and the nature of their work so that the parliament can legislate the law," Fatlawi said in a press statement.

Turkish companies to reconstruct Mosul airport, 5 hospitals: governor

Dozens of Turkish companies will contribute to the reconstruction of Nineveh soon, governor Mansour al-Mareed said.

These companies will start the reconstruction of Mosul International Airport in efforts to return it to service after a halt of about four years following a bombing carried by ISIS terrorist group, Mareed said.

The companies will also work to reconstruct the top five hospitals in Mosul and provide it with equipment and medical staff, he added.

The Turkish delegation which recently visited Nineveh agreed to involve these companies in the province.

New Generation Movement's leader released on bail


The judicial authorities in Kurdistan ordered Thursday releasing on bail Shaswar Abdulwahid, the president of the New Generation Movement (NGM) in Iraq, who has opposed the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

The New Generation's leader was arrested earlier in May 16 over allegations of blackmail and defamation within the party. 

Abdulwahid has repeatedly charged the Sulaimani security forces of launching political attacks on New Generation.

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