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PUK, KDP exchange accusations following Barzani's election

Nechirvan Barzani - Wikimedia Commons - KRG OFFICE
Disputes between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) escalated after the election of Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday as the new president.

Three Kurdish parties boycotted the vote especially the PUK, which demanded to take the post of Kirkuk's governor in exchange for voting to Barzani.

The Baghdad organization center of the PUK said that the breach on the agreements, and the election of Barzani as president without the participation of the PUK in the vote is a clear violation, and evasion from the political agreement between both parties.

The center said in a statement that the PUK has the entitlement to get the Kirkuk governor post for one of its members, adding that Kurdish people support this right. It also noted the KDP's evasion will worsen the situation in the Kurdistan region.

This does not mean that we will stand idly by about what happened, the center said, adding that it will have a firm stance toward the incident, not for the interests of the PUK, but to improve the condition of the Kurdish people in general and Kirkuk in particular.

For his part, MP Rebwar Babkaye, a member of the Kurdistan Parliament, commented on the remarks of the PUK, saying that talks about concerns of civil war and the illegitimacy of Barzani for the president post is very flawed،  therefore، the KDP will have a clear and firm stance toward these statements.

The politicians in the PUK have two options; the first is to participate in the government, Babkaye said, adding that the PUK took even much entitlement than it should concerning positions in the new cabinet. The second choice is to join the parliamentary opposition.

Member of the PUK Izzat Saber said that the Kurdistan Democratic Party must implement the agreement between the two parties, otherwise, the PUK will boycott the work of the new government.

The agreement signed between the PUK and the KDP stipulates that the election of the Kurdistan government and the selection of a figure from the PUK for the post of governor of Kirkuk had to happen at the same time, noting that the KDP did not deliver on its promise and used double standards.

In case the KDP did not implement the agreement within ten days, the PUK will boycott the work of the government in the parliament, he added.
Last Modified: Thursday، 30 May 2019 10:26 PM