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URGENT: Iran moves long, medium-range missiles south of Iraq


Iran has introduced long and medium-range missiles into Samawah, capital of the Al Muthanna Governorate in, security sources revealed on Thursday.

According to reliable sources, so far, the missiles have reached the Sulhubiyah area towards the Samawah desert.

Al Muthanna is in the south of Iraq, bordering Saudi Arabia. 

The missiles shipment is being supervised by a Hezbollah leader named Abdul Hussein al-Zayadi.

Sign that Iran is preparing a more aggressive missile policy in Iraq will exacerbate tensions between Tehran and Washington.

According to three Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence sources and two Western intelligence sources, Iran has been transferring short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq.

The missiles have short and long ranges that put Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh or the Israeli city of Tel Aviv within striking distance if the weapons were deployed in southern or western Iraq.

Iran is already accused of transferring missiles and technology to Syria and other allies of Tehran, such as Houthi rebels in Yemen and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Last Modified: Thursday، 30 May 2019 01:54 PM