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Hadi Khamenei apologizes for 'shameful' crimes in Iran

Hadi Khamenei
Hadi Khamenei, brother of Iran's supreme leader, criticized the poor conditions Iran witnesses, noting that "Iran today experiences incidents and witnesses shameful crimes, actions and misappropriations," ISNA reported.

Hadi Khamenei also criticized those parties and figures who stay silent and does not take measures against corruption.

"Those who shut their mouths to maintain their authority are cultivating corruption and destruction in society," he said, adding that "we are all responsible for the incidents today."

"We have made all big and small mistakes. We should apologize to the people for the mistakes we made, and although I have not been personally responsible, I doubtlessly made mistakes in all that," he stated.
Last Modified: Thursday، 30 May 2019 01:43 AM