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Salih, Nineveh's new governor discuss rebuilding of Mosul

Salih - Nineveh gov
Courtesy of the Iraqi presidency

Iraqi President Barham Salih stressed the need to work hard and quickly to restore the historic and civilized place of Mosul and revive its national role.

This came during his meeting with newly-appointed governor of Nineveh Mansour al-Mareed, during which he affirmed that the reconstruction of the city requires concerted efforts to overcome the disputes, adding that the the province is still suffering the impact of the destruction made by ISIS group.

Salih also affirmed that the city of Mosul needs the support of the government and the international community, expressing his personal readiness to make all efforts to rebuild the province.

For his part, the new governor expressed his thanks to President Salih for receiving him, stressing the city's need for support to provide services and employment opportunities.

He explained that the first step to build the city begins by revitalizing the local economy.


Mareed's appointment

Politicians and observers have criticized choosing Mareed as the new governor of Nineveh, asserting that Iran had a role in this process, which contradicted the will of the people of the province.

Nineveh's former governor Atheel al-Nujaifi said that selecting Mareed as the new governor promoted Iran's penetration into the province.

Nujaifi affirmed that he does not reject Mareed in person. However, he voiced rejection on the Nineveh provincial council, which finished its legitimate term, adding that it is a corrupt council that is not qualified to represent the people of Nineveh.

"We also object to the parties that bought this post in exchange for cash provided to some members of the Council," Nujaifi added.

Iran was responsible for bringing former expelled governor Nawfal al-Aakoub to govern the province, Nujaifi said, adding that choosing Mareed completes the strategy set by Iran. He noted that Mareed is personally better than Akoub. However, both are supported by the same party.

Amid condemnation

A number of 28 members out of 39 members of the Nineveh provincial council, who participated in the vote on the Nineveh governor post's candidate, voted in favor of Mareed. Also, Sirwan Mohammed of the Kurdistan Democratic Party was chosen as the first deputy governor.

Nineveh MP Falah Zidan claimed that some of the council's members received bribes to vote for a certain candidate and announce the results to the public.

He called on the three presidencies of Iraq, represented by the parliament speaker, the prime minister and the president of the republic, to dissolve the current provincial council.

Last Modified: Monday، 27 May 2019 10:01 PM