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MP says no real intentions to complete Iraqi cabinet

State of Law Coalition member Intisar al-Gharibawy said the Iraqi cabinet has not been completed yet because of the “lack of real intentions to complete this significant step.”

Gharibawy also added in Monday press remarks that there are some political alliances that seek to impose their control over the political scene.

Iraq has been governed by an ethno-sectarian system locally known as muassasah, which granted various positions of power to different ethnicities and sects.

“It is clear that the Cabinet shows no signs of completion and will probably take a long time to show progress,” Gharibawy added. “There must be real intentions to complete the Cabinet, which took longer than necessary without any real progress.”

Iraqi lawmakers affirm that political blocs in the Parliament show no signs of having reached a consensus on the nominees for several key ministries, including the interior and defense, which act as power bases in a fractured political landscape.