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Security breaches in Shirqata “serious indicator”: Samarrai

Leader of the Civil Track Party, Muthanna al-Samarrai, has affirmed that recent security breaches in Al Shirqata, a Sunni Arab town west of the Tigris in Saladin Governorate, is a serious indicator that the government should deal with immediately.

In a press statement, Samarrai condemned the recent terrorist attacks that took place north of Saladin, which led to the killing of farmers, police units and civilians.

“These terrorist attacks are dangerous indicators that ISIS has reactivated its sleeper cells, the matter which the government should deal with instantly,” the statement added.

He also pointed out that the security situation in Saladin needs more intensification, efforts and support.

Al-Samarrai further demanded the Iraqi government to provide the necessary medical attention to the injured and compensations for families of the martyrs.