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Iraq has become Iranian destruction experiment: activists on farm fires


Facebook users have said that the fires breaking out across farms in Iraq take place through drones, adding that Iraq has become a place for destruction experiments planned by Iran through getting militias, drugs and terrorism into Iraq and finally burning the agricultural crops.

Many activists expressed anger against burning the farms saying this threatens the Iraqi food security. They also denounced the government reluctance and silence against those crimes.

The activists also accused the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) in some regions as well as ISIS of burning those farms.

MPs from Salahuddin urged the Iraqi government to declare the state of emergency to face the fires which gutted dozens of farms in the province.

As the flames of fire come out from the farms, the civil defense department in Baghdad sent reinforcements to help put off the fire as those fires harm the agricultural national economy as well as the food security.

On social media, many videos went viral showing the angry farmers whose farms were destroyed by the fires. The users indicated that Iran seeks pressing Salahuddin residents, especially the farmers, to leave the province as their source of living was destroyed. The industrial side of the province was completely destroyed after looting the Biji refinery, one of the biggest oil refineries in Iraq, as its equipment were transferred to Iran. Moreover, the religious side in the province was also destroyed shrines in Samarra city were destroyed.


Baghdad Post observed Facebook comments on burning the crops. An account by Al-Shehabi Hassan said “TV showed a small explosive linked to a mobile phone which explodes by ringing. The criminal is unknown.” Another account by Abu Allawi said “everything is Iraq is expected as it became an experiment place for everyone.”

Another account by Yusuf Sami wondered “who owns those drones?”

Last Modified: Saturday، 25 May 2019 07:06 PM