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Revealed: President Salih to visit Saudi Arabia, Turkey soon

Barham Salih

The parliament’s foreign relations committee has revealed about an anticipated visit by President Barham Salih to Turkey and Saudi Arabia over the coming few hours.

Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi are expected to pay similar visits.

In remarks, Ribwar Karim, member of the committee, said “Abdul-Mahdi’s visit to Kuwait and Salih’s visit to Jordan were to tackle developments in the region and the tension ongoing between Iran and the United States.”

Karim went on saying that “the visits targeted keeping the war away from the Iraqi country and people, which is on way toward economic stability. And this requires political, security and military stability.”

The talks, according to Karim, “included the economic and trade exchange between Iraq and neighboring countries in case a war was waged.”

In case the tensions ended, Karim said “Iraq will continue its bilateral agreements made with those countries previously.”

Karim also added that each of the prime minister and parliament speaker will pay visits “to keep the war and tensions away from Iraq.”

Last Modified: Saturday، 25 May 2019 01:33 PM