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Release of Kirkuk ex-governor damages Interpol's trust for 10 yrs: MP

Kikruk gov
Najmaldin Karim
Parliamentary integrity committee member Alia Nassif said on Friday that the release of former Kirkuk governor arrested earlier in Beirut, according to some reports, has affected the Interpol's confidence in the Iraqi judiciary for 10 years.

Great efforts have been made to establish the Interpol's confidence in the decisions of the Iraqi judiciary. These efforts have resulted in handing over several wanted persons, including Falah al-Sudani.

However, "the intervention that took place in the case of former governor of Kirkuk (Najmaldin Karim) blew all previous efforts, returned us to square one , and made all efforts to combat corruption and pursue it at any place fade," Nassif added.

A source revealed a high-level mediation by the Kurdistan Democratic Party to release the former governor, who was arrested by the security authority at the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, according to orders from Interpol.
Last Modified: Friday، 24 May 2019 09:27 PM