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Why political forces turn to opposition?

Abadi - Flickr - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Abadi - Flickr - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Recently, there have been calls from prominent political forces with significant influence in the Iraqi political arena to move to the opposition, almost seven months since the incomplete government of Adil Abd al-Mahdi took office.

Nasr Alliance headed by former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has been one of the most prominent forces who has obviously moved to the opposition, and also the Wisdom Movement headed by Ammar al-Hakim and State of Law Coalition headed by Nouri al-Maliki.

A parliamentary source said that moving to the opposition is an imminent option for several parliamentary forces, which find that the current government does not make progress.

Attempts to return Abadi

The idea of overthrowing Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, who was appointed in October last year, first emerged when Sami al-Askari, a member of the State of Law Coalition, spoke about the matter openly.

He said in a televised speech that there are attempts to bring back former Prime Minister Abadi, adding that some of his allies promised to bring Abadi back to his post after a year, hopefully until 2022.

Askari tried to distance the State of Law Coalition from the matter by ruling out the possibility that the Coalition could merge with Abadi’s Nasr Alliance.

Abadi's 'dreams'

Earlier remarks of Abadi have stirred controversy between political parties, especially after giving a hint about the possibility of returning Abadi to his old post.

However, Fatah Alliance headed by Hadi al-Ameri, who is close to Iran, attacked these remarks, considering them "just dreams."

Abadi said in an interview earlier that talks about his return to the prime minister post is only "speculation." However, he did not rule out the possibility.

"The current alliances are fragile and worrying, and it is possible to rearrange the equation of the ruling and the opposition alliances," Abadi said, according to media reports.

"The coalition of victory is a political project that adopts an integrated vision of the state and has a successful experience in leading the country and saving it from terrorism, division, isolation and collapse," Abadi said, affirming that he will not abandon his national responsibilities in whatever post.

Abadi's remarks were sharply criticized by Fatah Alliance. Fatah MP Hassan Shaker slammed the remarks, saying that the current government came as a result of strong consensus between the Fatah alliance led by Amiri and Saairun Alliance headed by Shiite prominent cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

"Abadi has failed to manage Iraq and exacerbated its financial crises. In addition, his government did not offer anything to the country, and we will not allow him to return to this position again, which has become a mere dream for Abadi," Shaker said.

For her part, MP Nada Shaker of Abadi's Nasr Alliance said that no one can prevent their head Haidar al-Abadi from running again for prime minister because the decision is due to the people who know the importance of what he achieved during his tenure.
Last Modified: Friday، 24 May 2019 03:03 AM