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Daily updates: Halbousi remains parliament speaker despite dipsutes


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Halbousi’s dismissal hard, says political leader

Haidar al-Mulla, senior leader of the Reconstruction and Reform Alliance, has said that dismissing Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi is hard due to difficulty of getting 166 ballots on a vote of no confidence against him.

In remarks, Mulla indicated another reason which is “that most political forces realized that if any step was taken against Halbousi, it would be supported by foreign factors. Thus, many local parties are against enabling foreign powers to dismiss Halbousi.”

Moreover, Mulla added that Halbousi “came to power with national not sectarian support. He was never involved in sectarian issues. Iraqis do not consider him involved in the sectarian civil war.”


Iraq's largest Sunni coalition to replace Parliamentary Speaker

The largest Sunni alliance, the National Axis Alliance, has declared candidates for the position of Parliamentary Speaker after a decision to replace lawmaker Mohamed al-Halbousi.


Sources told The Baghdad Post in press statements that the alliance took the decision for Halbousi was proven unable and incompetent to run any political positions.


The sources pointed out that the candidates are MP Ahmad Abdullah al-Jubouri "Abu Mazen"; MP Saadoun al-Dulaimi; MP Osama Najafi; MP Ali al-Sagri; MP Mohammed Tamim; MP Khalid al-Obeidi; MP Rashid al-Azzawi; MP Falah Hassan Zidan; MP Muthanna Abdul Samad; and MP Talal al-Zobaie.


Iraqi PM files lawsuit against Parl't speaker on HCHR law enactment


Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has filed a lawsuit againstParliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, documents revealed on Saturday.

The lawsuit was filed against Halbousi as the Iraqi Parliament enacted Law No. 35/2008 regarding the independent Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (HCHR) in violation to the Iraqi Constitution and stipulations of the Federal Court and without government approval. 

The complaint pointed to “irregularities" and “violations” by theParliament in legislating laws and financial frameworks without referring to the government or setting the supervisory authority on the independent bodies, including the HCHR.


Halbousi became the youngest person in Iraq’s history to become speaker. The National Axis Alliance, of which the Coalition of Iraqi Forces is a part, is led by Khamis al-Khanjar and holds a combined total of 53 seats out of a possible 329 in Parliament.

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