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Attacks on US embassy in Baghdad put Iraqi government in unenviable position

US sanctions Iran

The firing of a missile near the US embassy in Baghdad on Sunday evening did not leave casualties or damages, however, it caused a great effect that could result in consequences, increasing the tension between the US and Iran.

The firing of the missile raised many questions on the potential consequences, in light of the growing escalation, especially after days of the US declaration on evacuating some employees from the embassy in Baghdad and the consulate in Erbil and sending additional troops face what it described a "clear threats from Iran and its militias in Iraq".

On the top of those questions was if the threats addressed by the US already began and if Iran started taking actions through its militias in Iraq.

The other question was wether Iraq is credible about the safety of foreign missions and employees on its territories, as well as the  foreign troops' capability of protecting those missions.

In this regard, Brig. Gen. Yehia Rasool, spokesperson of the Security Media Center, said “the security situation in Baghdad is stable. Our troops at the Baghdad Operations Command are keeping an eye on protecting citizens in first place and the diplomatic missions and foreign companies in second place. Nothing to worry about.”

However, the missile incident proved that there is a reason to worry.

The last question is about the US practical reaction towards the incident, the Iraqi official stance and the measures needed to be taken to avoid similar incidents.

Ahmed al-Sherify, security expert, said “targeting the US embassy in the Green Zone has its implications, especially at this time. It’s necessary that the Iraqi government takes swift action to reveal the party behind the attack.”

He went on saying: “In case the Iraqi government remained silent, this would mean that Iraq will be part of the ongoing conflict. This could be explained by the other countries as collusion.”

Meanwhile, Hisham al-Hashimi, another expert, said “targeting the Green Zone by an Iraqi pro-Iran militant or other parties harmed the credibility of the security reassurance given by the Iraqi government to the foreign missions in Iraq.”

An unknown armed group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it started revenge against the US troops as President Donald Trump released a soldier who killed an Iraqi detainee 11 years ago.

The self-styled “Shahid Ali” group said in an online post that it previously targeted Al-Taji camp in Baghdad and caused the international coalition to suspend the training of the Iraqi troops.

However, security troops said the group’s announcement was likely to be ‘unreal’ to be as a cover for other groups that target the US interests in Iraq.

Among all these, comes the clearest remark by the new US ambassador in Iraq saying that Iraq could be the wood that ignites the war between Iran and the US.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 21 May 2019 04:54 PM