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Social media activists say US will eradicate Iran militias in Iraq


Social Media users have said that eradicating the terrorist militias in Iraq requires an international alliance to fight it as their threats are growing.

On Facebook, activists said the US will fight those militias after fighting the Iranian regime, which supports the militias in Iraq.

Targeting the Green Zone in Iraq with a missile in the vicinity of the US embassy in Baghdad is a warning against the pro-Iran militias, they said.

According to the activists, there are three parties in the Iraqi political scene including Iran supporters, US supporters and the Iraqi government in the middle.


Thus, the US will eradicate the militias like the Iran Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), Asai’b Ahl Al-Haq, Badr, Al-Nujabaa movement and others across Iraq.

The Iran militias in Iraq have become a threat against Baghdad’s foreign relations, which is against the approach declared by the Iraqi government to be committed to not intervene within other countries’ affairs.

Moreover, the activists highlighted necessity to analyze the political discourse of those militias, saying that the government’s silence on behaviour of those militias will push Iraq toward a new military confrontation.

The militias, according to the activists, are facing the refusal from Iraqis as well as the international sanctions imposed on it through several measures including dominance with weapons and ending all anti-Iran voices.

Baghdad Post observed the Facebook comments on necessity of eradicating the militias in Iraq. An account called “Guevara al-Malek” said “Iraq is in the hands of the gangs,” while another account of Mostafa Mostafa said “the parties and the militias are one case.” Sara Alnimy said “Indeed.. The US is able to end the militias.” Wathiq al-Azzawi said “cut the snake’s head so everything ends.”

Last Modified: Tuesday، 21 May 2019 03:13 PM