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Drone attacks against KSA result of US ban: former Iranian min.

unmanned QF-4 drone - US Air Force
unmanned QF-4 drone - US Air Force

Former Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini said that the drones sent by the Houthis to the Saudi oil facilities was a response to the US attempts to impose a complete boycott on Iranian oil.

Hosseini's remarks were seen as an implicit confession that Iran is behind the unmanned drone attacks taking place earlier this month against Saudi Arabia.

Seven explosive drones directed by the terrorist militants attacked pumping stations in Dawadmi and Afif on the east-west oil pipeline, Saudi UN ambassador Abdallah Al-Mouallimi said, urging Security Council members to disarm this terrorist militia.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 21 May 2019 02:16 AM