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US may prosecute who fired missile at embassy: Nujaifi

US Flag - U.S. Air Force photo - Samuel King Jr.
US Flag - U.S. Air Force photo - Samuel King Jr.
Former Governor of Nineveh Province Atheel al-Nujaifi warned that the US might interfere and investigate the party responsible for firing a missile in Baghdad's Green Zone on Sunday, if Iraq did not provide information.

A Katyusha missile was fired towards Baghdad's Green Zone on Sunday night, according to an Iraqi military spokesman, adding that it landed less than a mile from the US Embassy.

"If Iraq evades identifying [the party] who fired the missile at the US embassy and punishing it, which is expected, it will open the door for further US intervention to prosecute who the [Iraqi] government is unable to punish," Nujaifi said in a tweet.
Last Modified: Monday، 20 May 2019 08:04 PM