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Cleric Sadr punishes ‘corrupt’ Sadrist members

Iraqi Shia cleric and political leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, has decided to punish some members of the Sadrist movement who were accused of financial corruption.

Sadrist movement senior member Kazim al-Issawi was ordered to sell his mall and donate its money to families of martyrs.

Al-Issawi also received a travel ban by Sadr as well as a ban on practicing any business or trade plans until further notice.

Moreover, senior Sadrist member Haidar Al-Jabri got his membership frozen for 18 months, as Sadr warned any members from dealing with him until his punishment period is over.

As for Sayyid Awn an-Nabi, another senior Sadrist member, he was ordered to cut all relations with the corrupt and declare repentance, otherwise, his membership will be revoked.

Al-Sadr is an Iraqi Shiite cleric and politician. He is one of the most influential religious and leader of the Sadrist movement.