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Iran mocked for IRGC threats to “wipe out” Israel in half an hour

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Head of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has warned Tehran is on the brink of full-on conflict with its enemy.

Tensions have risen in recent days, with concerns about a potential U.S.-Iran conflict. Earlier this week, the United States pulled some diplomatic staff from its embassy in Baghdad following weekend attacks on four oil tankers in the Gulf.

However, the IRGC announced on Saturday that it has the ability to wipe out Israel in only “half and hour.”

Normally, such announcements raise concerns regarding a potential war and serious losses, however, various interactions regarding the IRGC announcement were rather funny.

Social media users mocked the IRGC announcement as soon as it was made public.

“I see your half an hour, and I raise you another half an hour,” Mostafa al-Alawi posted on Facebook as a reply to the announcement.

On April, commander of Iran’s regular army ground forces has threatened U.S. forces, saying the lives of American troops is in danger.

General Kioumars Heydari in a speech at Friday Prayers attacked the U.S. decision to designate the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” and said that the Americans have inflicted an injury upon themselves by this decision. 

At the same time, The Tehran Friday Prayer Leader threatened Israel, saying that if Iran’s Supreme Leader permits, “the IRGC will flatten Tel Aviv”.

Heydari in his speech also claimed that “at the entrance of every ground forces’ base we have a sign counting down the days to Israel’s demise”.

Another social media user by the name of Ghaith Ph considered the announcement a joke. “This joke is hilarious.”

While Hussein Abdulkarim mocked the announcement by saying, “You have an hour and a half, let us see what you got!”

Even users who chose to let emojis speak for them chose smiley emoticons to express what they wanted to say.


“You can only exterminate house bugs in half an hour!” Rachid Aghbal said.

“During a PUBG match?” Omar Abdulghani wondered in mockery.

Hezbollah, which is backed and armed by Iran and sees the destruction of Israel as its main mission, is represented in Lebanon’s cabinet and parliament and has been under US sanctions for many years.

“I remember one of your officers said before that you could wipe out Israel in seven minutes, and now you say half an hour!” Moheb Al-Kheir said.

IRGC Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami underlined that Iran’s policy towards Israel will not change, and said that it will disappear from the international scene in the near future.”