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Arab council in Kirkuk condemns assassination of Iraqi journalist

Arab Council in Kirkuk

The Arab Political Council in Kirkuk slammed on Wednesday the assassination of journalist Mohamed Thabet Al Obeidi, who was killed by unknown gunmen while going to his work in Kirkuk province on Tuesday.

In a statement released Wednesday, the council warned of the unstoppable series of assassinations and security violations targeting all segments of the Iraqi people, particularity Arabs, in Kirkuk .

Representatives of the Arab people in Kirkuk strongly condemn this "heinous crime" which targeted the voice of truth, and the facade of democracy, the statement read.

The council urged Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi and the security committee in the city to launch a probe into this incident and bring perpetrators to trial .

The security situation in Kirkuk cannot endure such security breaches and challenges given that one third of Kirkuk's territories are still under the control of the terrorist Daesh group, the statement added .

The city provides also a safe shelter to more than 500,000 displaced people, the statement concluded. 


Last Modified: Wednesday، 07 December 2016 03:12 PM