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Miss Iraq says terrorist Iranian-backed Hamas uses Gazans as human shield


Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan has tweeted that Palestinian people do not seek freedom, however, the terrorist Hamas uses Gazans as human shield firing rockets from residential areas.

“Not Palestinian people seeking freedom but a terrorist militia Hamas using Gazans as human shield firing rockets from residential areas so when Israel respond they use horrific photos of the victims & promote their cause which is not just freedom but eradication of Israel!” Idan tweeted via her official Twitter account.

Idan is an Iraqi-American model, television host, musician and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as Miss Universe Iraq 2017 and represented Iraq at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant.

In another tweet, Idan said, “Gaza isn’t even occupied! 10,000 rockets directed at civilians? Who are Christians and Muslims.

“You’re calling for violence and Hamas aren’t protesters they’re terrorist militia funded by Iran. Just ask many of the Arab countries who won’t even allow them in their lands,” she added.

She also claimed that protestors who have access to 600 rockets are not “just protestors” and that to fire from civilians areas knowing there would be counterattack is sickening.