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Egyptian navy plays pivotal roles amid heated US-Iran tension

Egypt navy

In light of the heated situations in the Middle East and Arab region as well as the ongoing escalation between the United States and Iran after boosting the economic sanctions and the Iranian violations against the international navigation, the Egyptian navy surfaces the talk as it comes in the sixth place internationally. But there are questions about Its role in securing the navigational routes and if it can take part in the anticipated war between the US and Iran.

Strategic experts say that the navy carries out several duties to secure the local front and protect the local security in the first stance. In case there was what harms the Egyptian or Arab national security, it will intervene to prevent it.

Those duties carried out by the Egyptian maritime varied from securing the ports across Egypt to keeping the maritime navigation movement regular as well as securing the regional waters and preventing violations, smuggling and undocumented immigration. It also protects the ships at Suez Canal and secures the pivotal establishments including platforms, oil and gas fields. The navy also takes part in cases of crisis.

In remarks, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Khaled Hassan, commander of the Egyptian navy, said the troops have been reorganized and distributed among two fleets to enhance the control and hence allow the leadership to take swift decisions in a way that conforms to the situation to achieve missions with the least losses.

As a result of the high ranking of the Egyptian navy, classified as one of the biggest in the Middle East, many neighboring countries are keen on carrying out joint exercises with Egypt that yields interest for both. Among those benefits are enhancing skills of the soldiers through taking advantage of the developed arming of the neighboring countries.

Moreover, they benefit from training in different circumstances to test its effect on weapons. It also allows acknowledging the ideologies of other countries in training on different combat operations.

Egypt is part of the Arab Coalition troops to confront the threats against Egyptian and Arab security. It has joined the alliance since March 2015 to protect legitimacy in Yemen and achieve security there through pivotal maritime operations across the Yemeni operations controlled by the Houthis to prevent smuggling of arms into Yemen. It also secures the maritime navigation south of the Red Sea and Aden gulf.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 14 May 2019 02:38 PM