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Nineveh council selects Mareed as governor amid bribery accusations


After Iraqi businessman Mansour al-Mareed was chosen as the new governor of Nineveh by the provincial council, Nineveh MP Falah Zidan claimed that some of the council's members received bribes to vote for a certain candidate and announce the results to the public.

A number of 28 members out of 39 members of the Nineveh provincial council, who participated in the vote on the Nineveh governor post's candidate on Monday, voted in favor of Mareed. Also, Sirwan Mohammed of the Kurdistan Democratic Party was chosen as the first deputy governor.

"Members of the Nineveh (provincial) council have forgotten the tragic situation of Nineveh and the blood of the martyrs, and went for the political conflict and suspicious political deals by receiving bribes in order to vote for a specific name," Zidan said.

He called on the three presidencies of Iraq, represented by the parliament speaker, the prime minister and the president of the republic, to dissolve the current provincial council.

Dissolving provincial council

Earlier in May, the Iraqi parliament postponed voting on a resolution to dissolve the Nineveh provincial council, over accusations of corruption and granting high-level posts for money.

Nineveh MP Nayef al-Shammari said in press remarks that some members of the council are accused of corruption, adding that an auction was held to sell the post of the governor currently and even in the past.

There is a consensus among parliamentarians to vote on this decision, Shammari said, adding that some political parties, however, want to stop such decision as they are benefiting from the corruption operations carried out by the current council.

Parliamentary threats?

The Nineveh council has accused the parliament of creating conflicts on the post of the governor, saying that some parties with no representation in the province are in disputes over the post.

Abdul-Rahman al-Wakkaa, member of the council, said the biggest problem that Nineveh is suffering from is the conflict between the political parties in the parliament over the post.

Some of the parties have no representation in Nineveh, thus when the council wanted to elect a new governor, it was threatened by the parliament to be disbanded.

Nineveh and its council have become a victim for the conflicts, he said. Instead of focusing on the reconstruction of the province, the issue turned to a dispute on the governor post.


Last Modified: Monday، 13 May 2019 11:46 PM