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Will Iraq be able to hold provincial election on time?

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Shortly after a member of the parliament's concerned committee gave the Independent High Electoral Commission 10 days to give the final touch on the local councils' law, the IHEC said on Saturday that it would postpone the provincial council election to 2020, unless the parliament sends amendments to the law within 15 days.

The parliament's legal committee held a meeting with the members of the IHEC, during which they completed amendments of the provincial election law, while taking into account the technical recommendations of the council of commissioners.

MP Faek al-Sheikh of the legal committee said that the two sides completed the first reading of the draft law, adding that they almost started the second reading. A period of 10 days were given to the IHEC to introduce the final report about the recommendations discussed.

However, even before the ten days passed, the IHEC announced on Saturday a probability to postpone the election to 2020.

Chairman of the board of commissioners of the IHEC Maan al-Hitawi said that it is possible to change the date of the provincial elections in case the parliament failed to send the amendments within a period of 15 days.

The IHEC will propose postponing the elections to the beginning of the new year, Hitawi said, stressing the readiness of the commission to hold elections in Kirkuk.

The vote of the displaced persons is the biggest challenge to the work of the IHEC, Hitawi said, noting that displaced people or citizens in the liberated areas are not allowed to vote unless he has a voter ID, according to the proposed amendments to the election law.

He called on the displaced people and other citizens to review voter registration centers in the displacement camps, cities and urban areas to update their records.


This is not the first time provincial elections are postponed:

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