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Security units in Nineveh 'infiltrated' by ISIS, IMIS: Expert

Iraqi strategic and military expert Moayad al-Jaheishi affirmed on Friday that all the armed and security units in Nineveh governorate are infiltrated, pointing out that ISIS managed to outsmart the Iraqi Intelligence.

“Iran wants Sunni cleric Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al Sumaidaie to form a force within the Sunni dominated areas to attack the United States,” Al-Jaheishi added in press remarks.

“Terrorist factions rely on the intelligence component, especially since our intelligence component is a failure. Therefore, ISIS can can carry out any operation wherever and whenever it wants,” he added.

He also criticized a leader at the Nineveh operational command, namely Najm al-Jabouri, for his lack of the necessary military expertise.

Al-Jaheishi further warned that a decision by the Chief of Staff of the Army has allowed weapon seizure within 50 villages around Mosul, which means that ISIS fighters are allowed to kill in these villages; “As for other villages, they are not allowed to seize weapons unless they are under the grip of the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS).”

He also stressed that all the operations carried out by ISIS fighters were done with military uniforms, therefore, citizens will not be able to differentiate between armed forces and terrorists, especially that they are allowed to carry weapons.