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US designation of Brotherhood as terrorist to isolate group: expert

Supporters of President Mohammed Morsi chanted his name at a massive rally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood just miles from the Presidential Palace. (Yuli Weeks for VOA/Wikimedia Commons)

Fawaz Gerges, a professor of political science said that US President Donald Trump's expected decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist will isolate the group.

Living amidst this isolationist atmosphere, and living in pain is part of the Brotherhood's DNA in the practice of politics, Gerges said.

The experience of Sayed Qutb, who was one of the most prominent figures of the Muslim Brotherhood, confirms that the group does not give up on his ideas no matter how much pressure exerted against him, Gerges said.

Sayed Qutb adopted inside the prison very radical ideas that inspired the organizations that emerged later, including al-Qaeda and ISIS, until he was executed in 1966.

Sisi, Trump

The visit between the US president and his Egyptian counterpart is believed to be behind the decision.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have been seen in 2013 rushing into streets and overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated president Mohamed Morsi.

During Trump's recent meeting with Sisi in the White House, Trump stressed his government's keenness to enhance bilateral relations with Egypt and the Strategic cooperation between both countries, Egyptian presidency said.

Trump was keen, during the meeting, to laud the Egyptian efforts in facing terrorism, expressing his country’s full support for the Egyptian war against terrorism, the presidency added.

Last Modified: Friday، 10 May 2019 02:30 AM