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Free Iraqis Council warns from involving citizens in US-Iran conflict

The General Political Council of Free Iraqis issued a statement warning against involving Iraqis in the conflict between the US and Iran.

The council is following with great concern the situation in the Arab region and the military tensions between the US and Iran due to the conflict of interests in Iraq and other Arab countries, the council said in a statement.

In the midst of the mutual threats between the US and Iran, a number of figures, movements, and parties in Iraq rushed to try to defend Iran against the US, and started revealing that they will confront the US forces in Iraq if Iran is targeted.

"Iran will push its agents in Iraq to place our sons (Iraqis) in direct confrontation… as happened and is happening in Syria, Ahvaz and even Yemen, and under the titles of [IMIS] and militias belonging to Iran," the statement warned.

The Political Council calls upon our people in the south and center to prevent our sons from joining these criminal militias, the statement added.


Last Modified: Friday، 10 May 2019 01:35 AM