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Conservatives outraged by videos showing students dancing in Iran

Videos published on social media in recent days showing children dancing to the music of a famous pop star in a few schools in Iran has outraged conservatives.

Sasy Mankan is a pop singer who left Iran a decade ago and resides in the United States, but his music was played during some school events and students began dancing to the tune of his popular song “Gentleman”.

The socially conservative Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ali Motahari harshly criticized principals who had allowed pop music and dancing in their schools and demanded they be fired. He also asked the education minister to be held responsible.

A spokesperson of the education ministry Tehran administration said on Tuesday, May 7 that if any laws or regulations were broken by any school in the capital, “there will be legal consequences”.

Pop music is strictly regulated in Iran, governed by Islamic law. Some male pop artists are allowed to sing in public and issue music videos, only after a rigorous process of obtaining permissions from government offices. Pop singers who also perform religious songs and praise the Islamic Republic have a chance of being accepted.

Public dancing, especially by females is strictly forbidden.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 08 May 2019 01:57 PM