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Brookings, NY Times struggle to stop Trump from blacklisting MB

Gage Skidmore/Wimimedia Commons

The supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, at least in the group's last crisis, have exerted much effort to block the issuance of the US administration's decision to classify the group as terrorist.

The New York Times and Brookings have been included in the supporters' list.

Public campaign

The New York Times has been trying to stir up American public opinion against Trump's expected decision to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist, warning, through its columnists, who are specialists in the Middle East, of the consequences of the decision on the security of the United States and American Muslims.


Also, Brookings, a research center in Washington, whose research material has always supported the Brotherhood's relationship with the West, trying to highlight an alleged link between the Muslim Brotherhood project and American culture.

The White House is pushing to issue an order that would designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist group.

The decisions would subsequently place the weight of American sanctions against a storied and influential Islamist political movement with millions of members across the Middle East, according to officials familiar with the matter.

"But the proposal has prompted fierce debate within the administration, including at a senior-level meeting of policymakers from various departments convened last week by the White House’s National Security Council, the officials said," the New York times said.

Sisi, Trump

The visit between the US president and his Egyptian counterpart is believed to be behind the decision.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have been seen in 2013 rushing into streets and overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated president Mohamed Morsi.

During Trump's recent meeting with Sisi in the White House, Trump stressed his government's keenness to enhance bilateral relations with Egypt and the Strategic cooperation between both countries, Egyptian presidency said.

Trump was keen, during the meeting, to laud the Egyptian efforts in facing terrorism, expressing his country’s full support for the Egyptian war against terrorism, the presidency added.


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