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Nineveh Council accuses parl't of creating dispute over governor position

Nineveh Provincial Council has accused the parliament of creating conflicts on the post of the governor, saying that some parties with no representation in the province are in disputes over the post.

Abdul-Rahman al-Wakkaa, member of the council, said the biggest problem that Nineveh is suffering from is the conflict between the political parties in the parliament over the post. Some of the parties have no representation in Nineveh, thus when the council wanted to elect a new governor, it was threatened by the parliament to be disbanded.

Nineveh and its council have become a victim for the conflicts, he said. Instead of focusing on the reconstruction of the province, the issue turned to a dispute on the governor post.

Wakkaa blamed the declining conflicts between the blocs on electing a new governor over the past few days on the decision from the administrative court related to legality of dismissing the former governor.

In related news, Hossam al-Din al-Abbar, member of the council representing Nineveh alliance bloc, said the bloc is under political pressure to cede the post.

The post, according to Abbar, should be from the bloc’s share as it includes Arab and Turkmen components as well as Christians and Yazidis.

He also added that the alliance will select the suitable figure who will serve the people.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 07 May 2019 02:49 PM