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Over 60 candidates for Nineveh governor post

Majid Shankali, a former member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Masoud Barzani, said that more over than 60 people are running for the post of the Nineveh governor, adding that Arab parties are looking to pick a candidate for the post.

The party is following up on the events in the province of Nineveh and is waiting for the Arab blocs to provide a unified candidate in order to be backed by the provinical council of Nineveh.

The political parties totally rejected the candidate for the post Mohamed Iqbal, who served as the former education minister, while they are compromising about Hossan al-Din al-Abbar, Shankali said.

It is unlikely that the Nineveh provincial council will be dissolved, Shankali said, adding that such attempts aim to pose pressure against the provincial council to pass a certain candidate.

Dissolving council

The Iraqi parliament on Thursday postponed voting on a resolution to dissolve the Nineveh provincial council, over accusations ofcorruption and granting high-level posts for money.

Nineveh MP Nayef al-Shammari said in press remarks that some members of the council are accused of corruption, adding that an auction was held to sell the post of the governor currently and even in the past.

There is a consensus among parliamentarians to vote on this decision, Shammari said, adding that some political parties, however, want to stop such decision as they are benefiting from the corruption operations carried out by the current council.

Last Modified: Monday، 06 May 2019 09:50 PM