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Iranian court summons actress Afshar for 'inciting killing' of Ghasemi

Renowned Iranian actress Mahnaz Afshar lands a role in Tina Pakravan’s ‘Los Angeles-Tehran’.
An Iranian court summoned on Wednesday prominent actress Mahnaz Afshar after an Iranian cleric filed a complaint against her, over the charge of inciting the killing of cleric Mostafa Ghasemi in the western province of Hamedan on Saturday.

Ghasemi, 46, was shot dead in broad daylight. Within 24 hours of the murder, police managed to kill the alleged assailant in a gun battle.

The investigations revealed a fake page on Instagram named after Mostafa Hijazi, a well-known cleric in Iran, calling on unmarried Iranian women to provide sexual services to the Iran-backed IMIS, who recently entered Iran allegedly to assist against floods in Khuzestan.
Last Modified: Thursday، 02 May 2019 12:16 AM